I look at this picture and think- oh wow! Everyone is so happy! But the reality is that one of the teenagers in this picture could easily have bipolar disorder. You just can’t tell because bipolar has no face.


Are you under the age of 20? Do you wonder if you have bipolar disorder?

There are many reasons you may be on this site. Your parents, social worker, doctor, naturopath, therapist, judge, parole officer or friend may have given you the address.  Hopefully, you’re reading it by choice because you want to know more about bipolar disorder.

I want to be honest here. It’s not my business why you are here.  It’s not my business if you……


  • Don’t believe in bipolar disorder
  • Think everyone else is crazy
  • Feel that you’re being punished for something
  • Feel you’re being labeled
  • Or if you’re petrified about what this all means


But I do care deeply about you. What matters is that you or someone else thinks you need this information. I know I needed it when I had my first manic episode at 17 and my first serious, suicidal depression at 19. And I certainly needed it before I flunked out of college and got married after knowing someone for two months. I was diagnosed way too late at age 31.

This blog has the information I never had and I suffered for it: leaving school, unable to work for more than a year and a half at a job, drinking problems, poor sexual choices, suicidal thoughts, money issues, and most of all, relationships problems. You don’t want this for yourself- but it happens for everyone with untreated bipolar disorder- and doesn’t have to happen at all with managed bipolar disorder. It’s a no brainer. If you manage bipolar disorder…..

  • You Can Be Normal
  • You Can be Happy and Stable

I no longer go through the craziness of bipolar. I manage the illness as best as I can through meds and lifestyle changes. I always tell people I have bipolar disorder, even when I’m scared they will judge me.  I will never be embarrassed that I have an illness. It’s not my fault.

If someone says, “You just need to get control of your emotions and grow up!”  You can say- …

“I have an illness called bipolar disorder. It’s not weird or uncommon. It makes it difficult for me to control my moods. Here is how you can help.”

Never be embarrassed to have bipolar disorder! Everyone knows about the illness now. You are not alone and there are people who want to help.


I used to look in the mirror and think – this is not the face of someone with a mental illness.  Well……!